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Your instructor, biblical counselor Susanne Maynes, and her family --we're not perfect, but we're passionate about Jesus and passing on our faith to our kids. We'll help you develop a game plan for your children's spiritual health and safety. You'll get the practical help and confidence you need to build a strong family fortress, so you can train and unleash world-changers for Jesus!
Be a Passionate Parent and enroll today!

Why This Parenting Course?

  • Passing on your Passion

    You want to pass on a robust faith in Christ to your kids, but you're not quite sure how. We'll give you a doable game plan for your family's spiritual health and strength.

  • Building a Family Fortress

    Your child faces a world which opposes biblical values. We'll help you build a strong family fortress so you can train and unleash world-changers for Jesus.

  • Practical Tips & Tools

    Need some fresh creativity in your approach to parenting? We'll fill your toolbox with what you need to apply the Bible in your family life.


What pastors say about Passionate Parenting:

"Susanne says that today’s Christian parents are like salmon trying to swim upstream against powerful cultural currents.  After her workshop, you'll feel like you just got a new set of super-sized swim-fins!”  

Chad & Avon Schilperoort, Lead Pastors, LifeCenter Church

"The parents of our congregation needed encouragement and readily applicable help for discipling their children. Susanne's gentleness and hopefulness drew our struggling parents in and bolstered the strength of those who were already living out most of Passionate Parenting’s principles.  We’ll always be thankful.” 

Cliff Purcell, Lead Pastor, FirstNaz

“Susanne has developed a carefully thought-out and well-balanced approach to equipping parents in the oversight of their children’s spiritual formation. Given that the advancement of the Kingdom begins in the home, this teaching will accomplish much for the glory of Jesus and for the confidence and joy of Christian parents.”

Kevin and Shelleigh Beeson, Lead Pastors, River City Church

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